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Helping busy, professional men realize their true strength potential, mentally and physically.

Helping busy, professional men realize their true strength potential, mentally and physically.

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Head Coach Matt started GForce as he had become disillusioned with the fitness industry. There was a new hook, a new product, a new catch to try to sell to peoples suffering.
He started to as he puts it “Penn and Teller” the industry, showing the fakery for what it was, much to the annoyance of the salesmen coaches out there.
He took a very pragmatic Science based approach and combined it with extensive experience with athletes, celebrities and the general public and threw in a host of real life experience of his own; from the Military, to professional sports to seeing his world crumble around him.
Combining what actually does work, backed by research and put into practice, and as a published health and fitness writher already, applying simple learning tools developed to allow clients to understand the more complex workings of the human body and psychology.

From this the principles of GForce were born.

Cody joined the Gforce team in February 2020 after searching for a mentor.
His background as a firefighter had already instilled within him a sense of care and desire to help others.
He wished to carry on but unlike many coaches, he realised quickly there is more to learn than a simple certification will apply.
After following Matt for many months Cody approached Matt about becoming his mentor and learning how to actually coach people correctly from an expert.
His development has been exponential and Matt noted and has cited many times he is “A diamond in the rough”, no ego, no ulterior motives other than learning and helping others.
Matt hired him full time to be the support coach to enable GForce to serve at the same personal level even more people.

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| I studied under professor Boris sheiko

Boris Sheiko is the only person in Russia who is a Professor of Powerlifting. Published 150 articles, and 15 books on powerlifting
Head coach of the Russian powerlifting team from 1999 to 2005, which was undefeated in international competition, winning 7 European and world championships with every athlete achieving not less than a bronze.
Developed methodology, with a deep understanding of the training process and perfecting technique

Professor Boris Sheiko

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5 fundamental pillars


Pinnacle of Optimal Performance: A detailed analysis of your personal nutrition and biochemistry to optimally implement relevant structure and sustainable energy sources through nutrition.


Poetry of Motion: Biomechanical Analysis to deliver the optimal performance and gain the greatest output for effort ration.


Time Management Appraisal: Auditing your busy schedule to identify pockets of unused time and streamline your lifestyle


Psychological Supremacy: Examination and study across your thought and behaviour process identifying, circumnavigating or reforming habits. Delivering laser focused clarity towards goals.


Integration and Assimilation: Arguably the most important. Placing a laser focus on seamless and effortless growth nurturing you into your new, elite, leading mindset and physical prowess.

With such a robust moral code and structure, you cannot fail – you either change, or you learn.

Personal Achievements

3 X British Powerlifting Champion

European Powerlfiting Champion

Professional Rugby Player

Former Boxer

Published Health and Fitness Writer

4 x British Record Holder

Strongman Opens Winner

The foundation of GForce is not guesswork and gym talk like so many; our focus is Science. We apply the most up to date research and analysis, combine them with the experience of over twenty years coaching to deliver a seamless and unique approach.

Unique because it moulds around you and your lifestyle, grows with you and more importantly, stays with you – for life!

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